Nike Free Run Swoosh at NikeTown Boston for the Boston Marathon , the minute i seen this, my eyes lite up, the concept is crazy 

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:Wings For The Future:

What ya’ll think red or black laces?

Got these so Easyy off a random restock


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Nike need to hurry up and officially release the actually release date for these kicks, i mean alot of sneakerheads are getting aggravated   

Meek Mill is not showing any sign that his lyrics is slowing down, this dude need to drop an album asap hes to amp on the rap game righ now

Every other day i just want to hop on a plane n just leave, keep my main bro’s n fams connected, everyone else deuces.. maybe one day

Damn top 2 new producer thats just rocking the streets hard in the game, n both of them r signed with Bricksquad dats crazy SouthSide & Lex Lugar

Best place to cop ur Kicks in Boston, Ma literally when comes to playing by the book idk but other places be on sum funny stuff

 The invisible cloaks… wat more can i say? they change from blue to purple n if u tilt them in the sunlight to a point they shine green #soserious

My Spring Supreme pick ups, Kate Moss tee n Box logo beanie, just missing that towel  now, but its crazy how high the prices on ebay the Kate Moss tee’s are going for so if anyone needs a Med hit me up

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